Who is this “Emerging Leader” guy anyway?

JamieThey say the students who have struggled the most, make the best teachers later. Jamie's certainly learned about this leadership thing the hard way. In fact, he's become living proof the most unsuspecting people can do great things.

When he graduated from business school and began his career at a multinational firm he was (much to his surprise) pegged as “top-talent” and groomed for more senior roles. What people didn’t know was that he was actually doing just enough to look competent without really swinging out and putting his skin in the game.

Then, in 1995, Jamie got a wake-up call that changed his life. His fiancée was almost killed in a car/bike crash. She slipped into a coma that lasted 28 days and later needed five years of rehab to recover. During that time, Jamie took a long, hard look at how he let his fears and concerns hold him back in life. Indeed, trying to look good and avoiding mistakes was exhausting, and unrewarding.

This dramatic turn of events launched Jamie on a personal crusade to alter how he lived and worked. This led to his study of leadership, earning his professional coaching designation, and the founding of Footprint Leadership, North America's only leadership development firm dedicated to Emerging Leaders, in 2000.  

Since Footprint’s founding, Jamie has worked with first-class organizations such as RBC Financial Group, Bell Canada, TD Financial Group, Hudson’s Bay Company and GlaxoSmithKline to build their future leadership ranks and tap the passion, talent and value their Emerging Leaders bring to the table.

He is a sought-after speaker and has addressed audiences across the country on the topics of leadership and high-performance. In addition to his book, he has written for the HR Professional and has been featured in The Globe and Mail, Profit Magazine and on CBC radio.


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“...I shudder to think what my life would have been like if we hadn’t started working together.”

Patrice Bansa,
Vice President, Marketing



“Jamie is amazing. He’s the best coach I’ve seen... I have developed more as a leader in first three months of his program than I had in my entire career to date. Thank you!”

Laura Eckhardt,
Financial Controller, C.A.
Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan

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