Endorsements for The Emerging Leader

Impressions from a variety of leadership roles.

I have the good fortune of knowing some simply fabulous people who were kind enough to review The Emerging Leader before publication. Below they've graciously shared their thoughts about the book from their own unique vantage points. My hope is that their varied perspectives might help shed light on what's possible for you or your organization. Enjoy...

Thought Leaders/Authors

“Emerging leaders are, literally, the future of business. Fostering their growth is essential to any long-term strategy an organization might have. But talent management is just now becoming a focus. Here, Jamie powerfully bridges the gap between old world tenets and new world reality to identify and develop those emerging leaders with the greatest potential.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of the New York Times and
#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust


"What do you know about your next generation of leaders--the up-and-coming leaders you rely on to keep your company thriving and competitive? Read Jamie Broughton's powerful new book, The Emerging Leader, and learn to spot, leverage, and lead your next generation of leaders to greater success.  In it, he tells you what you need to know and more!"

Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times bestselling author of Succession: Are You Ready? and What Got You Here Won't Get You There - a Wall Street Journal #1 business book


"Jamie Broughton offers to be your Sherpa to help you cross the crevasse of understanding that separates the Senior Leader and Emerging Leader worlds. You should take him up on his offer. The world of coaching and leadership development has been over-complicated by many but like an experienced guide he simplifies the effort and takes the journey with you. His advice is clear and practical. He builds your confidence as he prods you to recognize the realities of the workplace and shows you how to successfully meet them. Packed with stories, examples and clear advice, the book takes you along one step at a time until you realize, this isn't rocket science after all!"

Stanton Smith, National Director, Cross Generational Initiatives, Major U.S. Global Consulting Firm.
Author of: Decoding Generational Differences: Fact, fiction…or should we just get back to work.


"This book is right on target! It raises a very timely conversation, not only about our emerging leaders but indeed the emerging workplace. It’s easy to confuse understanding with wisdom and the fact that Jamie has lived this journey comes through loud and clear in the book. For any organization serious about developing their next generation of leaders, this is a must read you’ll refer to frequently!”

Rita Bailey, CEO, QVF Partners and Founding Partner of Up To Something Partners, LLC
Former Director, Southwest Airlines University, Past Chair ASTD
Co-Author of Destination Profit - Creating People Profit Opportunities in your Organization



Business Schools

Great strategic leaders deal effectively with paradox and are willing to invest in the future. By investing time and training, as well as providing developmental opportunities, we make emerging leaders more attractive to others and, in so doing, make our organization more attractive to themDeveloping such leaders is both strategic and paradoxical, and boy, being able to manage that paradox is powerful! The Emerging Leader provides the guidance to do just that - absolutely recommended!”

W. Glenn Rowe, PhD
Director, Executive MBA Program
Paul MacPherson Chair in Strategic Leadership
Richard Ivey School of Business


“This book presents a really compelling 'burning platform' for change in terms of how organizations approach the critical issue of succession planning. Jamie’s built a solid case outlining the demographics and the impact it will have on the workforce. The book will help busy executives understand that if they just focus on the traditional high-priority ‘business’ issues at the expense of succession planning, they’re going to be okay today and gone tomorrow.

Linda Duxbury, PhD, Professor
Sprott School of Business, Carleton University
Change Management and Workplace Health Expert


“I’m constantly challenging my students with questions such as ‘Is this practical? Can we use this? Will it help us? Is it going to enlighten us?’ Jamie’s book does all those things! I could envision teaching a whole leadership program around this book. For leaders planning the future of their organization and considering their influential role within it as educators, facilitators, or leaders, this is a must read!”

Teal McAteer, PhD, Professor, MBA Program
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University



Senior Business Leaders

“The team with the best talent wins. Jamie's ideas can be a secret competitive weapon to attract, develop, and retain the best people in your industry... He has proven techniques that develop emerging leaders to their greatest potential.”

Cathy Honor, Head of Canadian Insurance Businesses
RBC Royal Bank


"If you haven’t read The Emerging Leader, your up-and-coming employees are like sitting ducks, waiting to be picked-off by an organization who understands them. Too many companies are realizing they don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone. The Emerging Leader helps today’s executives embrace the brave new world of tomorrow's workforce and stop the talent leak that’s costing companies millions of dollars a year."

Randy McGlynn, CEO
Ontario Teacher's Insurance Plan


Jamie clearly understands the territory of the Emerging Leader and the issues surrounding them – he’s lived it personally and been inside their heads for years. The challenges of retention, engagement and supply of quality talent are not going away. Traditional leadership frameworks no longer serve."

“The early-adopters will harness the tremendous opportunity to embrace and engage their next generation of leaders as a competitive advantage that creates value for the organization and communities they serve. The Emerging Leader is a crucial resource to help you do just that!”

Victoria Wilding, CEO
The SHIFT Foundation


“What determines whether a business is a success or simply 'a great idea that never made it', is its people. Indentifying and developing promising talent needs to be a fundamental priority for every senior executive. The Emerging Leader is the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus book for anyone charged with growing the next (and different) wave of leaders - highly effective and practical!"

Mark A. Stein, Senior Vice President
Gordon Brothers Group


“An excellent book! Jamie’s approach on developing people from inside spoke to me very much. Many times organizations don’t realize the value (and savings) of growing existing staff with potential. If you’re involved in planning for, or fulfilling on, your succession plan, The Emerging Leader is a great resource.”

Walter Hachborn, Founder
Home Hardware Stores Limited


"If you think you have a lot of potential young leaders in your organization, but have not been able to capture that talent, The Emerging Leader can help! It gives any manager the practical tools to work effectively with their promising talent and move them forward as leaders in their company. Highly recommended.”

Bob Hottman, Chief Executive Officer
EKS&H Certified Public Accountants and Advisors


"I think it is very important to continue to promote any materials supporting the need to put people first. This book continually promotes that message and focuses on the senior leader job as the one that unleashes their EL’s potential. You have provided insight into the mindset and the life of the EL workforce today and drive what I consider to be a critical point - that life is now fluid and enabling people to lean in and lean out as they need to, generally results in a team that integrates their work as part of their life. As this happens it is no longer work but another element of who they are and what provides meaning for them.

In addition, I appreciate all books that promote curiosity, and self awareness. This book asks SL’s to approach every discussion with an open mind, ready to hear what the EL’s are recommending and listening with empathy vs judgment. I like how you have focused on this as the way to motivate and empower your organization."

Susanne Currie, Country Manager
Procter & Gamble, Oral Health.


“Identification of talent is always part art and part science. The Emerging Leader adds more science to the process and reduces the 'random factor'. It also helps managers understand the important balancing point between employee and organization needs. I’ve got a bunch of dog-eared pages in my copy I’ll refer back to again and again. If talent development is a priority to you or your organization, this is a must read!”

Bruce Burrows, Senior Vice President, Strategic Program Office
Loblaw Companies Limited


“The war for talent means a lot of things but it’s mostly about creating an environment where people want to come and work. Jamie shakes up traditional thinking and provides you with the essential elements to engage and retain your most important resource -- one that rides down the elevator on their way home every night -- your future leaders!

Nick Thadaney, Chief Executive Officer
ITG Canada Corporation


It's simple, to grow as organizations we have to have great talent and frankly talent that’s better than the competition! We also need to understand what makes that talent tick to get the best from them. I'm 57 years old and have started planning for the next generation to take over. The problem is when I talk to my emerging leaders it’s like we’re on different planets; it’s frustrating! Jamie’s book provides a valuable and eye-opening perspective on tackling the issue of growing our future leaders.

Les Mandelbaum, President



Talent Management Leaders

“This book will help HR professionals clearly communicate the value and urgency of talent development inside their organizations. Jamie’s understanding of the Emerging Leaders' world nails it! He’s done a great job highlighting the talent situation, its risks, and the benefits and value Emerging Leaders can provide. He then gives specific guidance on how senior executives can get out of the way and unleash the potential that this important employee segment can offer.
“If you're looking for a practical response to deepening the pipeline of talent and getting the most out of people today and for the future, this is the book for you!”
Jodi Drake, VP Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness
Aviva Canada Inc.


"Today more than ever, senior executives need to understand the impact they can have on their Emerging Leaders. A key way to achieve this to open their minds to a new coaching approach and accept the fact that these next generations are different and they are indeed our leaders of the future."

"I wish I could offer this book to every senior leader who's not fully conscious of their critical role to develop our future leaders, or doesn't know where to start.  What Jamie's written is easy to read and apply."

Esther Auger, Global Practice Director, Talent Management, The Hatch Group
Financial Post Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies Award 2007, 2008


We experience the best from people when theyre engaged in their work. Research has shown that the top two factors that impact engagement and satisfaction is the employee’s relationship with their front-line manager and the opportunities they receive to develop their skills. The Emerging Leader tackles these factors head-on and helps established leaders master the art of the long view by balancing the developmental needs of their emerging leaders with the shorter-term needs of the organization to get the work done. Well worth the read!”

Wendy Macdonald, Director Organizational Development
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


“I relate to Jamie’s approach of engaging Emerging Leaders like the ‘Tai-Chi of management’ - go with where they are and use it to an advantage. When organizations give up resisting the way the workplace is shifting and instead embrace the development and life needs of their future leaders within that workplace, they’ll want to stay longer! It will be a win-win for everyone.”

“Jamie clearly has a commitment and a passion for this work and it’s very authentic. It’s as much his story as it is the story of the Emerging Leaders. He has written this from a personal passion, a personal journey, and a personal desire to really create a legacy for the future. If you’ve got questions about how to connect with and ignite your emerging leaders, read this book! It’s a practical guide to leveraging the strength of the emerging talent in your organization.”

Jennifer Pierce, VP Talent Management
Hudson’s Bay Company


Theres been a lot of fanfare about the power of coaching but I havent seen much practical how-to guidance for people in leadership roles – until now. For those leaders who want to begin coaching, sharpen their skills, or simply rekindle their interest in developing others, this is really the book for you!”

Stephanie Willson, Chief Professional Resources Officer
McCarthy Tétrault LLP


"This is extraordinary work! Jamie provides a step-by-step 'how-to' manual  for capturing the value of Emerging Leaders. It also breathes of authenticity through the sharing of his own real world examples. He's done a superb job of taking experienced leaders from a 100,000ft view down to practical application at ground zero."

"Although this is a guide for growing Emerging Leaders, it would be equally beneficial to anyone interested in developing their leadership skills. I highly recommend adding it to your bookshelf!"

Maureen Jillain, Former Director, Leadership Development
ING Canada Inc.



Emerging Leaders

"Anyone managing leaders under forty will want to rip out pages of this book for their briefcase! Broughton provides the key for invigorating a dynamic workforce, especially for today's senior leaders fighting the talent war. His coaching starter kit is worth the price of the book alone. I've already given a book to my boss!"

George Langlois
2008 Top Forty Under 40 award recipient, Ottawa Business Journal


"I felt a chill of recognition when I read this book! It functions like a window and a mirror for both the emerging leader and the senior leader. Not only can each examine themselves, they can see each other - causing a real breakthrough in understanding and trust. The best thing that could happen is this book becomes required reading for both emerging and senior leaders; especially before performance reviews and development discussions.”

Sarah Kapoor, Senior Producer
Canada's Next Great Prime Minister, 2007 & 2008
CBC Television


“As an Emerging Leader myself, I know full-well that the stress of everyday life can be even bigger than the stress I have to deal with at work. It sometimes feels like I’ve already done an entire day’s work before I arrive at eight nine in the morning. Your ‘Day in the Life of an Emerging Leader’ section completely resonated. I recall thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s me!’”

“Jamie has literally created a road map on how to think about and approach emerging leaders. Light bulbs will go off for senior executives when they read this and understand that speaking their language is fundamental to getting (and keeping) them engaged. Otherwise, they’re going to keep moving on. This will be an eye-opener and absolutely recommended for anybody who is engaged in succession planning for leaders.”

Heather Sauve, AVP Customer Experience & Relationship Management
Canadian Operations, Sun Life Financial



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