New or Emerging Leaders:

Are you tired of working longer hours to get ahead?

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to build a highly rewarding career without sacrificing your priorities outside of work. It’s time to learn the skills that increase your impact (and paycheck) while doing work you love.

Footprint Leadership is North America's only leadership development firm dedicated to Emerging Leaders. Our individual clients/participants would describe themselves as “go-getters.” Like most Emerging Leaders, they’re often out of their comfort zone. Although they have no interest in a dull career, they might be overwhelmed by what they think it’ll take to create a really great one.

What they often want is to:

  • Accelerate their career without working harder than they already are
  • Be highly valued and compensated by their organizations
  • Have a real impact on their organization and not be just a cog in the wheel
  • Consistently attract new and rewarding professional opportunities
  • Have the courage and confidence needed to get to the next level
  • Create an engaging career that makes a difference

Yes, it is possible to have a stellar career without burying yourself in work. If you’re looking to have a bigger impact with your role – without giving up other important things in your life – we offer a number of services that may be of interest to you personally or the firm in which you work.

Footprint Leadership services include:

  • Executive coaching – Tailored, 1:1, ROI oriented coaching designed to accelerate select emerging leaders’ capabilities fast.
  • Group leadership programs – In-house, transformational experiences for groups of Emerging Leaders that cause leadership, not just talk about it.
  • Grow your own coaching skills – Have managers coach effectively in 10 minutes or less with real-world, in-house coaching solutions for the time-strapped manager.
  • Keynotes, workshops and webinars – Spice up conferences, retreats and in-house events with dynamic and practical presentations on leadership topics.

To find out more about these services please visit and explore or contact us to arrange a conversation, we’d love to speak with you.



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“I’ve re-invented myself as a leader… The bonus is my effectiveness hasn’t come from putting in extra hours at work but by leveraging others and having them see the possibilities moving forward. I never imagined I would have the level of success I’m enjoying right now. Thanks Jamie!”

Angie Domansky Desserre,
Vice President, Managed Services


"Jamie’s changed my life! Our work together demonstrated that I have far more capability to change my situation than I ever thought possible…With Jamie's help, I now tackle all contentious issues I once thought to be futile, and focus on enacting change to build a more promising future…I now have a stronger sense of my own capability to lead and impact the people around me… Thank you!”

Conal Campbell,
Manager and Senior Shareholder TAP Solutions


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