Senior Leaders or HR Professionals:

Do you wish you could get the best from your high-potential talent faster than you are now?

The good news is you can create outstanding commitment and performance from your future leaders faster and easier than you think. It's time to learn how to form a deeper and more loyal bench of talent than you currently have.

Footprint Leadership is North America’s only firm that specializes in unlocking the talent, potential and value of Emerging Leaders. We offer a variety of services designed to help organizations grow, leverage and retain their future leaders quickly and effectively.

Our clients are forward-thinking firms that have engaged in succession planning and are committed to developing the leadership capacity of their organizations.

Footprint Leadership services include:

  • Executive coaching – Tailored, 1:1, ROI oriented coaching designed to accelerate select emerging leaders’ capabilities fast.
  • Group leadership programs – In-house, transformational experiences for groups of Emerging Leaders that cause leadership, not just talk about it.
  • Grow your own coaching skills – Have managers coach effectively in 10 minutes or less with real-world, in-house coaching solutions for the time-strapped manager.
  • Keynotes, workshops and webinars – Spice up conferences, retreats and in-house events with dynamic and practical presentations on leadership topics.

To find out more about these services please visit and explore or contact us to arrange a conversation, we’d love to speak with you.



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“I see Footprint as a secret competitive weapon that has truly helped me build one of the strongest leadership teams that I have had the pleasure to lead."

Cathy Honor,
Senior Vice President


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