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Looking for a great speaker to add great value and energy to your conference, client appreciation event or group meeting?

Join the thousands of people who have enjoyed a memorable, engaging experience while taking critical steps to grow their leadership (and their careers). Jamie combines his light-hearted approach to presentations and workshops with a healthy dose of practical application.

His roll-up-your-sleeves approach has participants “doing” (and learning) a lot. He’ll also use an effective blend of storytelling, humour and down-to-business exercises to inspire and motivate change (no stuffiness factor here).

The offerings vary from brief energizers to the more extensive components of The Accelerated Leader Program™. They each address relevant challenges faced by new and emerging leaders and the senior leaders that manage them.


Keynotes and Workshops:

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  • CFGW
    Coaching For
    Great Work
  • Breakaway
    Breakaway: Four Secrets
    to Breakthrough Leadership



Coaching For Great Work:

Real-world, results-oriented coaching skills for the time-strapped manager

CFGWNow more than ever, managers are responsible for keeping those around them focused on the work that really matters, resilient to what comes and performing at their very best. You can’t afford less.
Coaching effectively doesn’t have to be a “black-art,” require years of training, the perfect personality type or as much time as you think. Indeed, when you have a proven, straight-forward, paint-by-numbers system you can capture the bulk of the value coaching has to offer very quickly and easily.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Learn the four barriers that keep coaching’s value out of reach. Unaddressed, these barriers leave most HR coaching initiatives as simply “a nice idea that didn’t stand a chance.”
  2. Take away the ten best coaching questions. Not just any questions, but questions designed to get to the heart of the matter, generate fresh possibilities and spark anyone into action quickly and easily.
  3. Practice a coaching structure you can use in 10 minutes or less. Yes, you heard right, 10 minutes or less. Who has the time for regular, long, in-depth discussions; you’ve got a business to run.



Four Secrets to Breakthrough Leadership

BreakawayReaching for big goals and taking on brand new challenges are two of the most common situations facing Emerging Leaders. Most don’t do as well as they could because they’re limited by what they think leadership is all about.
The good news is that many of the common myths and assumptions about what it takes to lead are false. In this “interactive keynote”, I’ll bring the often exclusive view of leadership back down to earth where it belongs. I’ll also give you the essential tools and perspectives needed to break the dam on the results you and your company are capable of.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Tame the #1 factor that can squash peak performance. Once you understand how this works, you’ll never look at “taking chances” the same way again. Sadly, many don’t have this insight. They get stuck and don’t flourish as a result.
  2. Build the crucial muscle all great leaders use but 98% ignore. Although many are aware of this, its impact is usually misjudged and its potential rarely captured. It’s one of the most empowering aspects of leadership available to you. He’ll show you why.
  3. Become skilled at uncovering and eliminating leadership inhibitors. As people, we’re wonderfully creative at coming up with reasons and excuses that stop us from reaching for what we really want. You’ll see how to get past these barriers for good.
  4. Commit to the only thing that will produce the results you want. All the strategizing, discussing, planning, pontificating and clarity are worthless without this. With the other essential secrets in hand, this element will be easier to master than ever before.


If you or your organization is serious about fostering personal leadership and creating expanded results then this presentation will accelerate the process. Breakaway is delivered in Jamie’s popular “roll-up-your-sleeves” keynote format. Thirty, sixty and ninety minute versions are available.



Want a 1-pager with all the information you need?

If you would like to find out more about my approach, events I’ve spoken at, or what participants have said, download my speaker profile pdf. It’s concise and likely has all the information you need.

Prefer to see me in action first?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather test-drive a car before I purchase it. If you’re the same, I’d invite you to get a feel for my speaking style by viewing the short video sample below (4min).

Keynote Video Sample “Cracking the Leadership Code”

Recent and Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • Hudson’s Bay Company: Management Development Program I
  • CAMC: Canadian Association of Management Consultants – Ottawa
  • HRPNF: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario – Niagara Falls
  • HRPYR: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario – York Region
  • Hudson’s Bay Company: Management Development Program II
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountants of Ontario – Mid-Eastern Ontario
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountants of Ontario – Ottawa
    Annual Gala Dinner Event - Keynote
  • HRPGB: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario - Grey Bruce
  • HRPAP: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario – Peel
  • Professional Development Day: The Art of Leadership - Opening Keynote
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountants of Ontario - Toronto West
  • CGA: Certified General Accountants of Ontario - Toronto
  • Interiors Inc.: Leadership Retreat Keynote
  • HRPAO: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario - Barrie
  • Toronto Talks Speaking Series - Keynote
  • CAMC: Canadian Association of Management Consultants - Toronto
  • CGA: Certified General Accountants of Ontario - Peel District
  • CGA: Certified General Accountants of Ontario – Kitchener/Waterloo
  • HRPAO: Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario – Ottawa
  • GDHRPA: The Guelph & District Human Resources Professionals Association CEO Leadership Event – Keynote
  • Chartered Accountants of Ontario: Etobicoke
  • Canadian Universities Conference: Employee Engagement Closing Keynote
  • HRPHR – Human Resources Professionals Association Hamilton Region
  • Forum North – Health and Safety Conference. CEO Breakfast, Luncheon Keynote – Thunder Bay
  • Union Gas – Coaching for Great Work
  • CSTD – Canadian Society of Training and Development – Durham Region

If you have any other questions, or want to inquire about Jamie’s availability please contact April Ferguson at or 416-795-5965. She can discuss Jamie’s availability and arrange a time to speak personally. Thank you!




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"Your session was unlike anything I expected and much more than I expected. It’s highly unusual to have a speaker get an audience so engaged and participating so early."

"One thing I liked about our experience is you don’t offer a “10 steps to success” or remember these three points and life is good, you really got us to go deeper than that. We got to see how we’re getting in our own way and you showed us how our circumstances or environment don’t have to dictate our results."

"Your fun, high energy, never-boring style got everyone’s attention and focus. We were on the edge of our seats!"

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a speaker. Thank you for a very fun and worthwhile evening."

Patrick Robbenhaar CMA,
District Chair Certified Management Accountants Georgian Bay District



"Jamie you did a fabulous job of starting off our THRPA PD event, and you definitely made a positive and lasting impression. Your unique approach, positive energy, and touching anecdotes contributed to one of the best seminars we’ve had… Thank-you so much for your time and effort and for enriching our program. It was a pleasure to have you on board!

Carmen Kirschling,
CHRP Anne Watkinson, CHRP Events Program Committee Toronto Human Resources Professionals Association



“Jamie Broughton shares his infectious enthusiasm and empathy to enable people to overcome personal constraints and commit to a career path that gets results. His blend of information, stories and anecdotes had a surprising impact on our audience in the very short period of time we gave him. I'd highly recommend him as a speaker to engage your audience!"

Jeff Muzzerall Director,
Business Development Corporate Connections Centre Joseph L. Rotman School of Management University of Toronto



“Jamie has been an important addition to our Xchange Canada conference series over the years. His presentations have been a breath of fresh air. They're innovative, practical and extremely relevant to our audiences.

He consistently brings tremendous value to our events and gets top marks from our participants, which is why we keep bringing him back year after year. I’d highly recommend him to any group or conference looking for an injection of fun, energy and insight on leadership.”

Julian Lee,
President TechnoPlanet Productions Inc.



“As a member of HRPYR's Association executive, I know it’s important for Human Resource professionals to develop their own leadership abilities, as well as the leadership of those we support – that’s a big part of the reason we picked you to speak to our members.”

“You’re a very engaging speaker. Your delivery is passionate, humorous and lively. You have the presence, speaking power and the ability to draw individuals in on whatever topic you are talking about.”

“I’d absolutely recommend you as a speaker.”

Joanne Trotter Director of Professional Development Human Resources Professionals of York Region (Chapter of HRPAO)



“Thank you for your participation in Leadership Thunder Bay’s Issue Day on Thunder Bay’s Knowledge Based Economy…”

“Your perspective on change and limiting growth due to fear was just what the doctor ordered. This community is constantly plagued by complacency and fear of change. I was very impressed by your personal stories and dynamic delivery.”

“Thank you for a refreshing lunch and learn. Taking risks is such an important part of leadership and you are a shining example of how to put fears aside to succeed.”

“Also, thank you for your time and expertise in contributing to the development of community leaders in Thunder Bay.”

Valerie Marasco,
Leadership Thunder Bay Program Participant Corporate Communications The City of Thunder Bay



“Thank you for an outstanding presentation. I’ve seen you speak several times and the content is always well organized, focused and delivered in a dynamic fashion. The stories you share are highly effective and the participation you create with the audience adds tremendous value to the learning.

I’ll continue to highly recommend you as a speaker!

Colin McLarty,
CMA Certified Management Accountants Association Member



“Jamie, your talk was very energizing. You gave me the tools and courage to break free from my comfort zone, take risks and create the results I truly want. Only then will I really know what I’m capable of. Thank you!”

Alison Rodrigues,
HR Consultant Masterfile Corporation



Thanks so much Jamie! The workshop at our conference was very well received. I actually had people coming up to me to introduce themselves afterwards who said they would never, ever had the guts to do that before your presentation. Wow! You had a big impact.

Cathy Honor,
Senior Vice President Payments, Deposits, Creditor, Treasury Management


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